one woman, a dog… and lots of talented friends.

Enterprise stuff was started by Jo McGrath. 10 years working in charities and then in the social enterprise arena allowed her to build a collective of fellow specialists whose skills, insight and enthusiasm can be called on.

people who dare to think
they can change the world
are the ones that do.

“Creating an enterprise whose aim is to make the world a bit better can be exhilarating, exciting and often exhausting! Like most things, it’s a lot easier if you’re not on your own.

During a fact-finding trip to India in 2011, I met social entrepreneurs who introduced me to the concept of ‘jugaad’. It means thinking creatively to find solutions from limited resources. This spirit inspired me to establish enterprise stuff – which also uses innovative, unconventional approaches to help enterprises succeed.

Enterprise stuff was never meant to be just me. To offer a truly wide-ranging service, I work with people with the skills, experience and networks that are required by the client . Luckily, during my career I’ve met talented people in marketing, law, finance, human resources, strategy, facilitation and more. I bring together teams who bring the best from the private, public and social enterprise sectors with one common goal, to make the world a better place.

I’m also supported day-to-day by my director of cute stuff, Betty (my adorable miniature schnauzer!).

Jo McGrath – Director.

a little bit about Jo

Jo is a founder member of Women Supporting Social Enterprise (WSSE), supporting women reach their social and economic potential. Chief organiser of Good For Nothing Girls, a collaboration of smart folk supporting women led social ventures to solve stuff that matters. Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce (for her contribution to women’s enterprise).