by taking care of every tiny detail…
we get all your ducks in a row.

Formulating strategy, generating income, building teams – whether you have an idea for a new enterprise or are part
of an existing one you want to make thrive, we have the skills and knowledge to help.

the enterprise stuff process

  • the enterprise stuff process

    We look, listen, reflect, research, offer insight and share our experience, skills and networks. We work with you, your team, the board, trustees – creating a safe place where you’re supported but also challenged.

  • the enterprise stuff process

    We review business plans, strategies and reports. We can carry out research and stakeholder engagement, define income generation activities, develop marketing plans and create robust income and expenditure projections.

  • the enterprise stuff process

    We work with you to define and embed your values – then make them live, helping you to fulfil your mission while balancing the books. By developing income diversification strategies, we support organisational sustainability.

  • the enterprise stuff process

    We devise income generation plans, build relationships with investors, assess market opportunities, develop fundraising strategies, assist with grants, tenders and awards – all to create income to feed your enterprise.

  • the enterprise stuff process

    It’s about making positive stuff happen. We work with community organisations, ethical businesses, charities and social entrepreneurs – locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Together, we can create a better world.

exploring models
which consider people,
purpose and profit.

Many business models focus too narrowly on making money. We believe in approaches that consider people, purpose and profit in equal measure – and prefer to work with enterprises that share these values.

Of course an enterprise needs income to survive and prosper – but not at the expense of people and positive social impact. We aim to give those we work with the ability, knowledge and understanding to look beyond the bottom line.

making profit

An enterprise must have the financial ability to support itself and, hopefully, to grow.


It isn't enough to make money for its own sake. Creating some kind of social value must be part of an enterprise's purpose.


Colleagues, clients and customers - everyone plays a part in the success of an enterprise.